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NYC 06/04/16 1:23 PM N 0
PAAC 02/09/16 10:33 PM N 0
schedule & predictions  on 71D, outbound, towards Hamilton Ave at Dallas Ave -
PAAC 10/29/15 3:15 PM N 0
schedule & predictions  on 38, outbound, towards Greentree Rd opp Forest - I get the 38M which is due at 3:15pm & just as I got the stop at 3:11 pm the bus went by. Not happy!!!
PAAC 10/22/15 7:27 PM N 0
route  rt#2 the bus for that was due at6:50 didn't show up and. I want to know why. remember that was due at6:50 pm didn't show up on10-22-.15 .Well then it did turn around and showed up at 7:20.